Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Recycle Your Old Apple Stuff

I am not sure if everyone is aware of Apple's recycle program.  I was informed of this program via my daughter.  She had one of my old computers and monitors that we had tried to setup for the granddaughters.  The computer was running so slow that it was showing signs of distress, possibly a hard drive that was finally on its last leg.

My daughter has always been big on recycling and discovered that Apple has a program for recycling old equipment.  She gathered all the equipment together and took it to her local Apple dealer and was pleasantly surprised that they would give her an Apple gift card in exchange for taking care of sending the large outdated monitor and computer back to Apple for recycling.  The amount of money they give back for the equipment is based on the condition, number of accessories and disks and even original packaging that you might have with this exchange.  She was excited to get back money that she could apply to buy new accessories for her current computer:  software, cable, airport express, etc.

I was checking out the Apple site at and noticed that not only did they take old Apple computers and monitors, but also offer a 10% discount on new ipod trade-ins.

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