Friday, February 11, 2011

Problem Solving on a Mac - Try Resetting Warnings & Rebooting Mac

Today I was having problems publishing a blog to a web site that I had created with iWeb software for the Mac. I kept getting the message that I needed to log in to my mobile me account. I tried probably three times trying to publish the blog via iWeb to no avail.

I remembered that I had just this past month renewed my Mobile me account via the automatic payment method and suspected possibly that was the problem. So I logged out of my iTunes account and logged back in, checking the settings in my account, entering the 4 digit security code for my credit card payments. Then I attempted once again to post the blog via iweb - still nothing seemed to help.

I tried logging in and out of the mobile me account via the preferences in the system preferences dialog window. That did not seem to help.

Next I tried quitting iWeb and trying again. That did not work.

Finally, I noticed a preference within the iWeb preference window that allowed me to 'Reset Warnings'. I clicked on the Reset button, hoping that might help. Again that did not seem to help.

I had become quite frustrated and decided to try my last trouble-shooting method - Rebooting my Mac. Alas, after the reboot and possibly due to the other preferences I changed during the trouble-shooting process, iWeb published my blog without any warnings or problems.

Many times I am able to solve my technical problems, merely by rebooting or checking for reset options in the preferences for the applications on my Mac. 

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