Saturday, February 26, 2011

Restoring the Clicking Sound for Volume Keys on My Mac

Oddly, sometime in the past I set a preference somewhere on my Mac,  that effected the normal clicking sound that occurs when you use the two volume control buttons on the top row of the Mac keyboard.  Last night I noticed the missing clicks and decided to put the click sound back. 

Alas, trying to find the place to restore the click sounds led me to exploring the Systems Preferences.  I explored various settings in the keyboard settings and could not find a solution.  This morning I checked the Sound Preferences, specifically the Sound Effects Tab and found my solution:

I had to check the box that indicates: Play feedback when volume is changed. 


Ed said...

In addition, if you hold down the "shift" key you will enable or disable the feedback clicks as you change the volume.

Granny Joan said...

Ed, Thanks for that tip. Works great.