Saturday, February 19, 2011

Using Google VoiceMail for Audio on Website

Google Voice is a bit confusing and I am still learning how to use it fully.  Basically you are assigned what I call a 'Universal" phone number to give out to friends, family and clients.  Thus you don't have to give out your real phone numbers to others.  The thing about Google Voice is that it provides a central place to get your voicemail and also allows you to forward this Universal phone number to your home phone, your celll phone, your business phone and also to your Google Chat (Google Chat is also known as Google Talk which is basically a way to chat or talk via your computer to other people's phones using your microphone).   

Google Voicemail is available on your Google Voice profile where you can listen to your messages via your headset or speakers on your computer.  Google even provides a free service that can transcribe any audio voice message and email you the text of this voicemail.  These transcriptions aren't always entirely right and at times can be quite funny to read.  

A few weeks ago, I noticed that there were options available for these voicemails, that I found intriguing.    You can get the EMBED code for this voicemail message and put it on other sites.  YES, you guessed it - another way to get audio to your blog. 

The voicemail is restricted to 3 minutes as far as I can tell, but you could do continual sections or parts to EMBED if you really have to go on and on.

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