Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Must Have App - CardStar App for iPhone/iPad

CardStar - is an app that allows me to keep track of all those membership cards that take up so much space in my wallet.  You know the ones, the rewards cards with scanner friendly barcodes.  I keep track of my frequent flyer numbers, hotel membership cards that allow me to give the clerk at the hotel the number so that I can get credit for all the points for that hotel chain or loyalty program.  http://www.mycardstar.com/

Today I was purchasing some Easter surprises for my granddaughters at Rite-Aid.  When the clerk asked if I had a Rite-Aid Savings card, I whipped out my iPhone and pulled up CardStar app to show her my card number with barcode stored in my iPhone.  I had an old card that needed to be replaced.  Since it is so easy to keep these type cards in the CardStar app on my iPhone and the fact that several of the duplicate items I was purchasing would be at half price with this new card, I quickly consented.  She scanned the card and I received my added bonus of saving some money on the Easter goodies.

When I arrived home, it was easy to run the CardStar app, select the Rite-Aid info within the app screens and then select edit.   I was able to use the built in scanner option in the app and didn't even have to type the new number.

If you haven't gotten this app, I suggest that you try it out.  Not only does it hold all your savings cards all in one convenient place on your iPhone, but also is easy to use to enter new cards as you acquire them.   The info for these cards can be kept in the cloud so that even if you restore your iPhone, you will have a backup of this data to reset the info.  I even keep the info on my iPad.  There are also coupons and deals to all your local and national merchants, at no cost to you!


Carl Brooks said...

Great post,I will check this out.

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