Friday, March 11, 2011

iPad 2 Success in Boise - Big Turn Out - Sold Out of All Models!

I braved the line at the mall for the intended purchase of the iPad 2 at the Apple Store and was amazed at the wonderful turnout here. There was a long line, estimated 100+, divided into 3 sections of lines, with people coming even later joining the line. I would say a lot of people were buying at least two iPad 2's and the white models sold out first. There were even security people around, I suppose to keep us anxious Apple fans at bay, should anyone attempt to cut in line. We did have one man step in front of us and the security guard was quick to send him to the end of the line.

They offered us coffee, tea and bottled water while in line. The Apple store personnel were courteous and let us know when the supply or inventory was at its end. I was the second person in the line to NOT get an iPad 2. I remained in line until I got to the front of the store and word came the last iPad was gone. I had high hopes that someone ahead of me would change their mind and not want that last 64GB black iPad 2. Bummer! Not so!

Well, knowing that the Apple store online is quoting a few weeks for delivery and other places in town like Walmart, ATT and MacLife Retail store were also sold out, leads me to believe that the iPad 2 is indeed a success. Many in line had not yet purchased an iPad yet and some had already sold their first generation iPad and were hoping for a replacement only to realize they were to be empty handed for a few more weeks. I still have my first generation iPad so I won't have to suffer until I can get the new iPad 2. Two persons I talked to were getting the iPad as gifts and walked away without the birthday present.

Hopefully the store will get some shipments this week, possibly tomorrow, but I am not holding my breath for this to happen.

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