Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Is It Possible to Use Remote to Control My Videos to My Home Theater Screen?

I've been trying the homesharing feature playing music on my iPad and iPhones that is stored on my husband's Mac. This is a new feature added by updating my iPhone and iPad to version iOS 4.3 available today. Works great!

I was checking out some of the latest features and clicked on my 'Remote' app that controls my iTunes music library from my iPhone. I noticed that I was able to also control and play a video stored on my Mac by using the Remote app from my iPhone. Now this is an interesting feature and am not sure if this has always been there or if it has been added in this latest iOS 4.3.

I have an ethernet cable that runs from my Mac to my home theater, allowing me to view my Mac screen on my large home theater projection screen. I basically use this to play Netflix instant movies to my home projector screen. It was one of the ways one could view Netflix instant movies without purchasing another device such as an Apple TV or using a WI or PS3 or blueray disk player.

Now I am thinking that I can also view videos stored in my iTunes library using the Remote App as my controller. That will be something I need to try out. In the past I have had to control what was playing by walking over to my Mac and controlling the videos from the Mac itself. Is it possible that I can now use my iPhone to control this task via my Remote App?


MacBlend said...

You can. If you want absolute control of what appears on the screen, you might look at the "Desktop Connect" app for iPhone and iPad. It has a fantastic interface and works beautifully. I stream everything from my iMac to any location in the house. Or sometimes all of them.

Louisa Hemstreet said...

I agree with MacBlend. You can do that, of course, depending on the system you’ll be integrating with your set up. And yeah, for a cheaper and more practical approach, you can always run to the app store. I know there are available apps for iOS and Android devices.