Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Setting Up Custom Lists on Flipboard using Formulist

I am still a little frustrated with the fact that I can't use Flipboard to access my multiple Twitter accounts.  I decided to explore Flipboard a little further this morning, as they have continually added new features over the past year.

I noticed that you can Add Custom Twitter Lists.  Basically you click on the Add Section.  Scroll down to click on 'Add a Custom Section' (add any person, list or blog from all of Twitter).   You then enter the name of the list in the textbox and the Twitter List will now be available on Flipboard.  You can view the tweets from those people you follow if you set up a list of all who you follow.

Since I did not have a list of all the people I follow created on Twitter in my second Twitter account, I needed to create one.  Now this can be a tedious task to add each one individually to your list using Twitter.  I found a site online called Formulists which allowed me to quickly create a list of people I follow.  It even allows me to filter by certain criteria.   It is a pretty good site for setting up lists for Twitter.

First you sign up on using your Twitter account.  Then you select Add Lists and Select from a list category - I choose 'Filter Who You Follow'.    A screen appeared and I typed in the name of my list, set it to public, and then tried to save it.  It seems that you have to have one filtering criteria selected to create and save this list.  So I selected filter by location and just left the location info blank (as is) and then clicked on Create List.

A list of all that I follow was created and that is the list that I added to my Flipboard Custom Section.  This little trick allows me to view another Twitter account that I have, but in order to retweet or comment on this account I am only allowed to do so by selecting the accounts associated with Flipboard, which are my main Granny_Joan Twitter account and my Facebook account.  I can't at this time comment using another account that I have setup on Twitter.

Flipboard has so much potential and I am sure there is a reason they currently don't have the multiple Twitter account access.  I made a suggestion on their support site when they first released the product.  So guess I will continue to use other clients such as the Twitter app for iPad to be able to switch between my multiple Twitter accounts.  But occasionally, I will use Flipboard to view the tweets in a very unique magazine type format.


MikeyAmes said...

I would love for them to add multiple accounts and support posting to facebook pages as well. I think we are not alone.

Anonymous said...

I would also like to see support for multiple Twitter accounts added too.