Saturday, March 26, 2011

Solution Finally for 'Unable to Backup My iPad Session Can't Start Error'

It is a good thing that I am retired and that I have time on my hands to pursue my computer and mobile device problems.   Yesterday I updated my iPhone to the latest iOS 4.3.1 update without any problems.  Today, I started my day updating the new iPad 2 and that went okay as well.   I have been struggling with the update for my original iPad this morning.

I connected my iPad, proceeded to sync the iPad, before updating with latest software.  That seemed to work fine.  When I clicked on the update, the extraction of the software began, but it got to the point where it was backing up my iPad before installing the update and I received the following message or something to similar to this:

'Unable to Backup iPad because session could not be started'

There was a button in the message window that I clicked for 'further info' and was taken to an Apple support page.  I read through all the suggestions, trying various things like rebooting my Mac, using a different USB port, deleting all old backups (in the preferences>devices>for my ipad) and other suggestions from the page.  Nothing worked.  I tried control click on the name of my iPad under Devices on the left hand side of the iTunes window.  Selected 'Back Up' and still it would NOT backup my iPad or install the latest updated system iOS software.

Finally I found a solution, I ejected my iPad from iTunes and then did a hard reset holding down the home and top right hand button (sleep button) on my iPad and then I reconnected to iTunes and it worked.  I was able to run the update, it proceeded to extract the update, backup my iPad and is now verifying the updated iPad software.

Again a solution where you restart or reboot the device seems to be the answer.   Check for the obvious:  make sure all cables are plugged in, make sure to reboot or restart machines. 

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this info. The reboot wouldn't let me do the update but I was able to manually backup by right clicking on the device. Hopefully once this has finished I'll be able to do the update. Must say that I am over the number of times the updates stuff up my ipad.