Thursday, March 03, 2011

Will I Buy the New iPad 2?

I will definitely be in line at my local Apple Store to purchase the new iPad 2. I have always in the past been one to buy the latest and greatest Apple equipment. Apple has kept me one step ahead of most, always on the edge of technology. I chuckle at those that have just recently discovered what Apple has offered for years. So many are converting from PC's to Mac's and Apple devices.

The iPad 2 offers some pretty neat features for my needs. I am excited about the ability to use the front and rear facing cameras for Facetime calls from my iPad to other iPads, iPhone 4's and Mac computers. As far as the debate over the resolution of using the iPad camera for photo taking this is not top on my list, as I have nice digital cameras I use for taking most of my travel photos, family photos and such. If I need to take a photo on the go when I do not have one of the fancy digital cameras with me, I will continue to use my iPhone.

I will probably use the video camera capability and purchase the iMovie and Garageband software for use on the iPad 2. It will be fun to try out and explore movie making on the go for those short clips that one might want to send via email or post on websites such as youtube or facebook.

As far as the smart cover, which looks rather interesting, my concern would be how slippery is the back of the ipad when it goes sliding to the floor when placed quickly on a table top. This was the one reason I purchased the Apple cover for my first generation iPad. I immediately noticed that at one point if not protected on the back as well as the front of the ipad, that it would ultimately go crashing to the floor, possibly damaging my favorite device. I may have to add some sort of non-skid pad or sticker on the back for preventing this.

What will I do with my other iPad? That is an interesting question as I have grandchildren that could enjoy it or I could use it as a digital photo frame, clock, alarm, or a multitude of options, even as a cookbook reader in the kitchen. Will I part with it or keep it for use in some other manner, that is the question.

I have already marked my iCal with March 11, 5PM appointment!


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