Sunday, April 10, 2011

Making Movies Using Splice on My iPad 2

The idea of making quick movies on my iPad is intriguing. I continue to evaluate various means of using not only the iMovie app, but also other techniques and apps that are available.  I stumbled across an app called "Splice" by Path 36 in the iTunes App Store. 

I decided to give it a quick test and downloaded the FREE version onto my iPad 2 and also my original iPad, even though it is an iPhone app. It seems to work fine on these devices as well.  I preceded to run the app after installing and re-powering my iPad 2.

You can add video, photos or a combination of the two to include in your project.  Audio is taken from your music library on your device or from the few music files included with the app or you can record your own voice right in the app.

I chose New Project, typed in a name for my test video and entered options for Project Settings (as shown in the screen below) I selected several photos of animals from my iPad photo album stored on the iPad.  I then proceeded to tap various icons in the app, adding video, titles, transitions, setups for landscaping and also to add audio.  

The photos are put into the timeline in the order selected. You can move the clips of video or photos by holding your finger on each photo or clip and dragging and dropping to the area in the sequence of clips or photos.  You also have the option to add additional video/photos, add and edit transitions between photos, and add titles between the photos.

You can select the option to add titles between slides.  You can type in a title and then move and scale the title. and set the duration or length of time title or text will appear.  You can select the option to add transition.  The normal transition is set in the Project Settings, but each transition between each slide can be edited to a few built-in transitions.

You can add audio from your songs or playlists in your device's music library.  You can also add your own recorded audio or from music and sound effect files included with the app.  Click on the Audio tab along the top menu bar.  Clicking on the 'musical note icon" opens access to choose a song or sound effect from your library or those libraries included with the app.  Clicking on the 'microphone icon' brings up a red button that you tap on, and then record your voice for adding to the clip.  The audio appears on the timeline and can be easily slided to the corresponding photo or video clip, where you wish music or sound to occur.  You can also edit the sound clip, by trimming, fading in or out, and changing the volume for the clip.

I was able to export the test movie to my saved photo library on the iPad, and from there it was quick and seamless available to upload to YouTube or MobileMe.  In the few minutes, I played with this app, I found it easy to use, containing some of the features that most might want to use to create a quick slideshow from photos or to trim a movie clip or to add some zip to a movie clip.    The editing options for a video clip include trimming, varying the speed of the video clip,adding Ken Burns effect, cropping and duplicating the clip or deleting. 

The amazing thing is that this app worked with my original iPad and gives those persons with the original iPad and option to make some quick movies as well.

The developers for Splice also offer addtional add-ons in the iTunes App Store.   

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samsonkristen said...

This app is very nice on ipad2..if we select any photos,videos and text etc..we can proceed and process the totally finally we can add our own voice to the video..this idea was really amazing for comics..