Sunday, May 15, 2011

Is It Time to Build an Ark Yet?

The question "Is it time to build an ark yet?"  comes to mind this week.  I am sure lots of people are experiencing some stressful times, as many areas along the rivers of this country are under water.   I  decided to check the app store to see what water apps were available for iPhone users.  Amazingly there are quite a few 'water apps', mostly covering water conservation issues.  Some of these offer means to calculate water consumption, tips and facts about the relationship of water to our health and ways to conserve.

Here is a list and description of just some that are available in the Apple App Store.

Virtual Water - is an app that brings awareness to just how much water we ingest in our everyday lives from the food and beverages we consume.   The interactive user interface allows one to compare resources and products for quick facts about amounts of water used when cooking, cleaning, eating or drinking.  It not only encompasses the common foods and beverages, but also includes information on other products that make up our virtual water footprint. 

How Blue Are You? -  is an app that provides tips on conservation of water,  It provides a calculator to see how American Standard brand products can save water and money.  It provides weekly prizes and information on rebates, location of where to find products and information on ways the products can help us be responsible in conserving an important resource, water.

Drip Detective - is a clever free app that shows exactly how much water is going down your drain from a leaky faucet.  The virtual interface allows you to tap your iphone screen for 3 to 4 drips and then it calculates how much water volume is wasted each day, week, month using gallons or cubic feet. You can also calculate the impact on your water bill. app - denotes all the locations for finding free tap water in pubs and cafes in London while you are traveling. 

Water Your Body and Waterlogged - are apps for tracking your daily water consumption to insure health and maximum hydration.  You can also access tips and facts about water and human health.  You can set reminders and goals.

My Water Diary - is a free app that tracks your water useage for common household, bathing and activities.

Toobz - Free - an app that features two game modes for connecting pipes without spilling water.  Each level your time is shortened.

Flood Rescue - a free game app that has you maneuver your boat thru obstacles to rescue persons swept away by floods. 

FloodMap Mobile - is an app for viewing FEMA flood hazard zones on a Google Map, getting flood report detailing FEMA maps, information on insurance costs, how to connect with FEMA and insurance agents and property elevations from USGS.

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Melanie said...


I wanted to send you a quick note because I read what you wrote about water conservation above.

I just finished helping to create an infographic about how much fresh water goes into things we do and consume. The idea is to bring a little extra awareness to what our every day impact is.

Some of the information was pretty surprising! I had no idea just how much water is needed to produce some of the foods I eat...

Anyway, after reading what you wrote, I thought you might like to use the infographic on Granny Joan's Hitek Lady Blog.

It's totally free to use, of course. If you do use it, please link back to the original source so anyone else that would like to use it can too.

The infographic is here in the original post link:


~ Mel

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