Saturday, June 11, 2011

Over 200 New iOS 5 Features - From A to W

Highlights for iOS 5 Features 
(Note:  iOS 5 is compatible with:  iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch (3rd & 4th generation), iPad and iPad 2)

•  Accessibility
    Works with specialized hardware for hearing, vision, cognitive disabilities
    Vibrate and LED flash mode for notification of calls
    Improved VoiceOver customization

•  Airplay Mirroring for iPad 2
    Support video mirroring, wirelessly, securely to HDTV via Apple TV
    See what is on iPad 2 on Big Screen TV
    Supports portrait, landscape and zoom in and out of photos

•  Calendar
    Year View, Week View
    Tap to add event, Drag to adjust time and duration of event
    View attachments in Calendar app
    Share calendars with others
    Sync via iCloud across all devices

•  Camera Editing & Storage Features
    Open camera from lock screen
    Grid lines, pinch-to-zoom, single tap focus, exposure lock
    Use volume button to snap a photo
    With auto-stream enabled, downloads to other devices via iCloud

•  Game Center   
    Allows profile picture
    Overall achievement scores displayed
    Friend recommendations
    Explore new games

•  iMessage Service
    Text message via wifi or 3G from your devices: ipad, ipod touch or iphone
    Group messaging
    Send text, photo, video, locations and contact   
    Secure encription
    Unlimited messages
    Switch between devices during conversation

•  Mail - Inbox
    Formatting: Bold, iTalic, Underline, indenting
    Flag important messages
    Rearrange names in address fields
    Add and delete MailBox folders
    Search body of email text
    Free email account on iCloud, synced auto to all devices.

•  Multitasking Gestures for iPad
    4 or 5 finger gestures
    Swipe up to reveal multitasking bar
    Pinch to return to Home screen
    Swipe Left or Right to switch between apps

•  Newstand Shelf
    A place to put all magazine and newspaper subscriptions
    Auto updates and delivers and notifies you when new issue available

•  Notification Center
    Supports new email, texts, friend requests in one place (selectively)
    Swipe down to get to the notification center
    Includes stock ticker and weather

•  PC Free
    No longer have to own a computer to use iPad, iPhone or iPod touch
    Activate and set up wirelessly
    Backup to iCloud, download free updates to your device directly

•  Photos & Editing and Storage Features
    Built-in common photo editing:  remove red-eye, crop, rotate, enhance
    Push photos to iCloud and all devices

•  Reminders or To Do’s
    To do list with due dates and locations
    Sends alert or reminder at certain time or when near a particular place
    Automatically updated - works with iCal, Outlook, iCloud for all your devices   

•  Safari Improvements
    Tabbed browsing - multiple pages & switching easier
    Keep list of articles in Reader built-in to allow add-free reading experience
    Reader List available on all other devices

•  Twitter Integration
    Tweet from devices, Safari, Photos, Camera, YouTube & Maps apps
    Interfaces with contacts, auto gets friends @reply name
    Adds location

•  Wifi Sync
    Auto syncing when device is charging across all your devices

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