Wednesday, July 20, 2011

DKVBrowser Hiccup with Lion System

I updated my Mac with the new Lion System today and have experienced a few problems with some of my applications.  My Office programs like Excel, Word and Adobe Acrobat Standard no longer work.  I also had a few hiccups with some of the other applications like FaceTime and Mail.  Both of these are working fine, after installing the latest updates and rebooting my computer after a few forced quits.

I decided that I needed to test out controlling my Yamaha Disklavier Pianos, using DKVBrowser application. I clicked on DKVBrowser and received a message to the effect that I needed to update my java script.  I clicked on the button to start the download and install.  That seemed to work fine, but the DKVBrowser screen came up saying the connection failed.  It could not locate the correct IP address which may have be reset not due to Lion, but to a power outage this morning.  Anyway, entering the DKV###### into the IP Address box was accepted and everything working fine as usual now.

Always great when I can turn on my piano and pick a great song and listen to the music all from my downstairs office.

I have tried twice to run the virtual remote software from Yamaha on my Mac, but am receiving a message and error log. I will check it out and it report on it later.  Need to check my notes to see the procedure.


Granny Joan said...

Note: There is an update to the Virtual PRC that has made it compatible with the Mac Lion system.

The virtual PRC can also be reloaded and effectively works fine with the latest Mac system, Mountain Lion.

tintinplus said...

This thread is a bit old but maybe you can help... Ive got a new iMac with 10.8.4 (mountain lion) and dkvbrowser loads well (all content of DKC850 are showing) but no command are working : it wont play any of the listed files... So maybe some settings in systemm Sharing or Network ?

Also it seems that the 10.8 osx cannot "see" properly the DKC850 through network do you have a similar experience?
You can reach me (Alan at sunriseforall&

Granny Joan said...


The dkvbrowser may not support the DKC850 piano. Check out disklavier or dkvbrowser forums at where someone may be able to address your concerns.

tintinplus said...