Saturday, July 09, 2011

I Can Sing with Songify iPhone App - It's Easy

This morning I kept receiving singing messages from my children who were out and about exploring and having a good time.  They have been keeping me up to date on their daily adventures from having breakfast to traveling on a ferry to go to the beach.  Something very cool about hearing an audio message instead of just reading an email, especially when that message is set to the beat of music. 

The iphone app Songify is available in the apps store for free and has several installed musical genres and songs that you can use with your recorded message.  The software analyzes your voice and composes music to match.  I've never been able to rap, but now I might.  The software also allows you to buy various other tunes for options.  Even if you can't sing it still works great.  You also have options to allow duets and sharing with Facebook and Twitter, as well as emailing to your friends.

Check it out. Click here for iTunes link.  It is marvelous and fun and a very clever app - I know you will love it!

Here is a sample: 

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