Monday, July 04, 2011

What Happened to My App Store Icon?

Today my daughter wasn't able to find the App Store icon on her iPad.  This seemed odd as this is one of the icons that represent applications that come with the iPad system software.  Normally, it is understood these apps can not be deleted, but can be moved to other pages and into folders on your iPad.

My daughter searched on other pages and in folders, but could not find the icon.  I suggested typing in "app store" in the search box on her iPad.  Again, there was no resulting app store icon.  Oddly, it appeared to not be accessible on her iPad.

Finally, I suggested that she check her settings. She could see the App Store in the settings menu on the left hand-side of the iPad settings screen.  She was logged in to the app store and everything appeared normal under the settings, but still no app store icon available on the home or other screens of her iPad.  Next,  under Settings> General> Restrictions -- it was noted that the restrictions were enabled and both deleting and installing apps were set to OFF.  Once she set these back to ON, the app icon magically reappeared.

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Tina said...

Thank you! I had the same issue. Newbie on Apple. Mahalo from Hawaii