Thursday, October 13, 2011

Making An Album and Adding to Existing Album with iOS 5 Devices

With the new iOS 5 for iPhone and iPad devices, comes some pretty cool features for photos.  We've all wanted to be able to make albums on our iPhones and iPads and now we can do so.

Select the photo app icon on your device which brings up your camera roll of photos.  Select the curved/share icon on the right side upper bar and then select the photos you wish to put in a new album or to put in an existing album.

If you select the option to create a new album, you will enter the name for that album and those photos will be organized in that new album.   You, will also be given an option to put photos in an existing album and you merely select the name of the album where you place these photos.

Also with the iCloud option implemented your photos will be 'streamed' to the cloud and all your devices for seamless backup and access.  I haven't impemented the iCloud as yet.    If you connect your camera to your device via a camera connection kit, the photos will be automatically handled by the cloud if that option has been selected.

All of this seems to be pretty confusing at first, but Apple has some support documents or how-to's posted for situations that might arise.  Check here for How to Reset Your Photostream and How to Remove photos from devices, Macs and PCs.

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