Tuesday, November 22, 2011

iMessage Solution for Activation

iMessage suddenly quit working on my iPad 2 and iPhone 3GS, yesterday.  I am traveling and was very frustrated with the fact that I was not able to iMessage from overseas.  As it turns out, I tried everything.  I updated my iPhone to OS5.0.1, but left the iPad at 5.0 (just in case).  I tried reboot, repowering and even reset my apple id and password.  All that did not work.

As I was forced to change my password to meet the new 8 character, capital, number format - this caused panic in accessing emails, mobile me and other things.  Resolved those issues, but iMessage still would not verify or activate.  I tried resetting Facetime settings, iMessage settings and numerous other settings.

Alas, the solution was to turn off location and set my time zone to automatic.  I have had to adjust the timezone manually as I am traveling and do not have satellite access all the time. 

This works, finally my iMessage and Facetime were activated.

Hope this helps someone else.   Suggest making sure your time zone is correct before trying to verify or activate before changing a bunch of settings and passwords.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Using Photo Booth on MacBook Air to Take Photos for Facebook

As I travel the world, I find that it is so convenient to use my iPad and iPhone to take photos and then use an app like Twitpic to post photos to Twitter or upload to Facebook.  Today, I was using my MacBook Air to email family and friends a progress report of today's activities when I remembered that I had a camera on my MacBook Air.

Normally I take some photos with my camera and upload with the handy card slot on my MacBook Air and then email the photos or post via the internet to sites like Twitter and Facebook.  I decided to use Photo Booth on my MacBook Air to take a quick shot out the window of the rolling seas that I am encountering this day.

This is a conveninent way to take a quick shot.  Photo Booth also has an option to share the photo to your iPhoto albums or to email to others.  I decided to upload to iPhoto where I could then post them to Facebook.  Don't forget you can use Photo Booth and your MacBook Air to take photos while traveling.  

Once the photo is in iPhoto it is also easy to post to Twitter as well.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

How to Remove Yourself from Lists on Twitter

Recently, I was receiving a lot of spam emails, that I suspect originated from Twitter.  I am also assuming that some of the 'twitter' followers are robots of sorts and decided this morning to check out Lists.

Lists is a feature that allows others to create separate lists for various friends, business acquaintances or people they follow with like interests or such.  Anyone can create a list and place you on their list.  I decided to check who had included me on their list and for what type of list.  I decided that one or two of the lists were not something that I wanted to be on, so I decided that there must be a way to remove myself from these lists.

Researching online, I found that you can remove yourself from a list by merely blocking the person and then unblocking the person (if you still want to allow that person to follow you).  It worked.  I got rid of my name from the unwanted list and now will see if the unwanted emails and spam soon disappear as well.