Tuesday, November 08, 2011

How to Remove Yourself from Lists on Twitter

Recently, I was receiving a lot of spam emails, that I suspect originated from Twitter.  I am also assuming that some of the 'twitter' followers are robots of sorts and decided this morning to check out Lists.

Lists is a feature that allows others to create separate lists for various friends, business acquaintances or people they follow with like interests or such.  Anyone can create a list and place you on their list.  I decided to check who had included me on their list and for what type of list.  I decided that one or two of the lists were not something that I wanted to be on, so I decided that there must be a way to remove myself from these lists.

Researching online, I found that you can remove yourself from a list by merely blocking the person and then unblocking the person (if you still want to allow that person to follow you).  It worked.  I got rid of my name from the unwanted list and now will see if the unwanted emails and spam soon disappear as well.

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