Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Using Photo Booth on MacBook Air to Take Photos for Facebook

As I travel the world, I find that it is so convenient to use my iPad and iPhone to take photos and then use an app like Twitpic to post photos to Twitter or upload to Facebook.  Today, I was using my MacBook Air to email family and friends a progress report of today's activities when I remembered that I had a camera on my MacBook Air.

Normally I take some photos with my camera and upload with the handy card slot on my MacBook Air and then email the photos or post via the internet to sites like Twitter and Facebook.  I decided to use Photo Booth on my MacBook Air to take a quick shot out the window of the rolling seas that I am encountering this day.

This is a conveninent way to take a quick shot.  Photo Booth also has an option to share the photo to your iPhoto albums or to email to others.  I decided to upload to iPhoto where I could then post them to Facebook.  Don't forget you can use Photo Booth and your MacBook Air to take photos while traveling.  

Once the photo is in iPhoto it is also easy to post to Twitter as well.

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