Sunday, December 09, 2012

Fix for Blackbackground Image in Preview for Firefox on Mac

Occasionally, when downloading a .pdf file to Preview while using Firefox browser on Mac, I get a document that has black backgrounds, similar to the one below:

To fix this problem, I selected the Preferences under the Firefox menubar

Select the Applications tab and scrolling down to Document (image/jp2).  A pop-down menu will appear.  Normally the selection is Use Preview (default).  Instead of leaving this as the selected option, click on Use Other.  This will bring up a selection of applications on your Mac, Select the Preview application.  This will now be the default for viewing your documents and should read "Use Preview" instead of "Use Preview (default)."

Now try downloading the same document again.  Whoola!  problem should be resolved.

Edit:  The method described above quit working for me for all pdf files.  Ended up removing all pdf plug-ins and adobe reader plug-ins and reinstalling PDF Viewer 0.6.39 from scratch.  Now my files are viewable from online rather than downloading automatically and opening in Preview.

To remove all previous plug-ins may require that you access Library>Internet Plug-In and look for specific addons that are old and may be causing problems and send to the trash.

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