Saturday, April 06, 2013

Use iPad as Track Pad with Your Laptop

I am using my ipad to write this blog.  You may be wondering how I can do this.

I found an app today called Wifi Mouse HD that connects with my Mac laptop and allows me to use my iPad as a track pad and to also use my iPad keyboard to input text.

The app can be found in the Apple  iTunes store. Available for iPad and iPhone. It was free today so I grabbed it up to test it out. You also need to access the application for your PC and Mac computers and install on your computer

It works great. It appears to have some additional features that are available for purchase.  Features include options like controlling web browsing and multimedia via remote control and hot keys.

Interesting concept, not sure yet how it would be more useful to use an iPad or iPhone as a track pad when my laptop already has one built in. But I suppose if you don't have a track pad available with your computer, this could serve as a track pad for a fairly reasonable price.