Sunday, May 26, 2013

Deleting an Image or File While Using Quick View

Today while traveling the fjords of Norway and taking in the scenic views, I decided to spend some time ridding my hard drive of some of the out of focus and duplicate photos from my travels over the past year.  It has been time consuming, but just realized a useful way to delete while viewing in the "quick view" mode.

As you may know, you can open a finder window and view all the names of photo files you have stored in a folder.  A quick way to view the images without opening them in Preview or iPhoto or other photo app is to click on the name of an image file to highlight it. 

Next, tap the space bar to view the image.

To continue viewing each image down the list, use your down or up arrow keys to move along viewing each one. 

Note: As you quick view each one you may run into one you wish to delete.  Rather than having to close the image and then drag or control click the file name to move to the trash, you can just use Cmd - Delete and the current image will automatically go to the trash and the next image will be loaded.

This tip should help speed up the elimination of photos quickly.