Friday, March 07, 2014

How to Change Mac Mail Subject Line

Trying to find an email can be a undaunting task if the email doesn't have a good subject. Have you ever wished that you could edit the subject for emails that come into your IN box. There doesn't appear to be a way to do so in the Mac Mail app.

Well, here is a tip to help you do just that.

Select the email that you want to change subject. This can be an email in your Inbox or some other folder (mailbox you have created for storing and organizing your emails).

Note: The date and time of email will be changed. You may want to put a reference to the date/time in subject or content as a note if needed for some reason.

Drag that email message into your Draft folder.

Double click on the email on the left side column. A window will open that displays the email you have selected.

Make changes to the subject for that email.

Click on the red close button in upper left-corner of email.

Email will be saved with new edited subject.

Now, you can move that email back to your Inbox or other folder (i.e. mailbox).

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