Friday, March 07, 2014

Time to Get Serious about Taking 3D Photos

Now that my production Poppy has arrived, it is time to get serious and take some 3D photos. But what exactly is the best way to shoot bang up 3D photos. Shooting 3D images gives you that feeling that you are right there in the moment, adding a new dimension to your memories and allowing you to get close up and personal with your images.

The following are some tips for first time Poppy 3D photographers:

• Poppy photos should be taken horizontal or in landscape mode, as the resulting images need to be side by side horizontally to view correctly.

• Lighting should come from behind you. Lights in back or over the object to be photographed can result in a sudden burst or flare of light that interrupts your image.

• For the best results and to achieve a dramatic 3D effect, try to shoot your photo with several depths or multiple subjects at different distances in the frame.

• Remember the best 3D effects are those closest to you, rather than objects or subjects farther away. Try standing close to your main subject to achieve the best 3D effect.

• A good time to try out a tripod with your Poppy is in low light conditions. When lighting is low, you need a steadier hand and slower shutter speeds to avoid blurry images.

• Remember to keep your camera horizontal when shooting to avoid a tilted image, which may not be correctable later.

• Remember that when photographing objects that are less than 3 feet away, the background objects should be within a 3X range or no further than 3 times the distance to the foreground object.

Now, you are ready to produce some great 3D images with your Poppy that will amaze and delight your family and friends.

Word is that a new Poppy3d app is on its way that will allow some image improvement for those of us still using iPhone 4 devices. In the meantime, practicing the tips I've outlined will help secure some great composition for those 3D photos.

Thanks Ethan and Joe for a fun new iPhone accessory!

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