Thursday, July 17, 2014

Using Documents App (by Readdle) to transfer epub files to iPad

Today, I downloaded an app called "Documents" by Readdle.  "Documents" is a full-fledge ePub reader, similar to iBook.  The reader option has font size adjustment, bookmarking, and searching options.  It is a very good app that is similar to another favorite app, GoodReader.  I use GoodReader currently to transfer ePub books from my Mac to my iPad using a USB cable and iTunes -- dragging and dropping books into the GoodReader app. 

"Documents" also allows me to transfer PDF and ePub books from my Mac to my iPad via iTunes, just like I do currently with GoodReader.   "Documents" offers an additional way to transfer my files employing a WebDav method.  A local WIFI connection via web browser is used.  The nice thing about this is that files do not have to be uploaded to the cloud to be transferred between devices and you do not need to connect a USB cable between the devices.

To get the "Documents" app for your iPad, click on this link:

Transferring files (audio, mp3, txt documents, ePubs, PDFs, and other file types) from a Mac to an iPad utilizes the following steps:

(1) Run "Documents" app on your iPad.  Tap on the "gear icon" in upper left-hand corner of the app screen.  Tap on Wi-Fi Drive and take note of the URL given in the text.  For example,

(2) On your Mac computer, run a browser (Firefox is good) and type in the URL.

(3) A message will appear on your iPad asking for permission to connect to another device with IP address similar to  Allow connection to this device.

(4) The documents that are stored on your iPad should appear in the web browser page.

(5)  To move files from your Mac to your iPad, click on the "Browse" button at the bottom of the browser page (scroll down to see this button).  You should see a directory of your Mac files.  Select the file you wish to move to your iPad.  The name of that file should now appear next to the "Browse" button at the bottom of the web page.

(6)  Click on "Upload File" button. 

(7)  The file you wish to move should appear in the list of files on the web browser page and should also appear on your iPad.

(8)  You can close the tab in the Browser window when finished moving files.  This will disconnect the Mac and iPad.

You can read the ePub or PDF file directly from the "Documents" app on your iPad, by selecting its icon on your iPad.

Note:  you can also select the file and then select the "share" (up arrow icon) from the upper right hand corner of the iPad screen.  From here, you should see an option to "Open in" where you can then move the file to iBook if you wish.

Read more about Documents by Readdle at website:

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