Sunday, September 14, 2014

Moving Files (epub) from Mac to iPad

In my endless effort to find an app to transfer epub books to and from my Mac to my iPad without hooking up cables or using iTunes sync, I have found a fantastic app called "Flick" that is easy to use and currently free for both.

The Flick app for Mac OS laptops and computers can be found here:  Flick app for Mac OS.

The Flick app for iPad/iPhone can be found here:

The website instructions and descripton are given here:

Within nano-minutes, I was able to install both apps, tap on an epub book on my Mac laptop, flick it to top of my menu bar, select it on my iPad and open with iBooks.

Have to give this one an A+ rating for ease of use and convenience.  There also appears to be an Android and Linux version.

I was able to successfully transfer an mp3 file, epub file, and jpg without a problem.  Enjoy!