Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Annoying message "plugin container app needs to install osaka font"

This morning, I was confronted with an annoying message box  requesting that I install  the Osaka font when I tried opening Firefox Browser (Developers Version 51).  I kept clicking on "Skip" as it is not my nature to install files that I do not recognize a reason to do so.

First, I searched for any problems that had been reported with the Firefox Browser and did see that this has been a recurring problem that has been reported by various users for other versions of Firefox.  So I spent most of the day, trying to open in safe-mode, refreshing my browser settings, searching for online solutions.  Nothing seemed to help with the annoying popup box.  I disabled plugins and tried various other means to solve my problem.

Finally, after a brief break to do some household chores, I returned to my laptop.

I tired one other thing which I will describe below:

(1)  I opened Font Book application from my Applications folder on my Mac.

(2)  Clicked on "All Fonts"

(3) Scrolled down the list to see "Osaka"  which is evidently a real font available for my Mac.

(4) I highlighted "Osaka"

(5) Clicked on "Edit" menu and selected "Download Osaka Family  - I figured that if  I downloaded this font through the Apple app that it would be reliable.

(6)  It appears that the Osaka Mono family was somehow not complete. And, with this downloaded, I quit Firefox and ran again.  Hurray!  No annoying message to download the Osaka font!

Hopefully, this has resolved my problem and will help others who might be experiencing the same problem with Firefox.  Good luck and have a nice day!