Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Transferring Midis to Disklavier using FromToPC folder

When the latest edition of DKVBrowser for Mac failed to function on my MacBook Pro, I was heartbroken. It still runs on an older Mac that I have kept around here for editing purposes.  One of the nice features of DKVBrowser was the ability to transfer new midi files I downloaded from the internet to my Mac to the piano using wifi connection.

Even though I can't use the DKVBrowser on my MacBook Pro running Sierra 10.13.4 — I have figured out the steps to still transfer midis from my Mac to my piano via wifi.

This will be a great help as most laptops and newer computers don't have floppy drives or  CD drives.  I tried using a thumb drive which failed -- I believe due to being formatted as a Mac thumb drive. Maybe if I had a PC formatted thumb drive my Mark IV Disklavier would have recognized it.  I was spoiled using DKVBrowser to easily move midis to my piano via wifi.  So here are the steps to do so without DKVBrowser application. 

On MacBook Pro, use the Go menu in the menu bar of finder.  Select Connect to Server from pop down submenu  and then from the upper right hand side of window select the pop down arrow and click on DKV#####

Click on Connect.

A popup window requesting name and password to server appears.
Fill in and click on connect.  (Note:  you may not need a password.)
Select FromToPC 

The FromToPC  icon should appear on the Mac desktop.
Drag and drop any midi files that you wish to transfer to your piano into the icon.

Next, you will need to refresh this FromToPC directory using the piano's PRC remote, before the files will show up in the FromToPC directory on your piano's PRC remote screen.

Select the  FromToPC directory from the PRC
Select the root directory which is  a "/"

Select the Function button below and use "Refresh" option.
Which should  reload all the new midi files that you transferred via wifi so that they appear in the directory of the PRC remote screen.
You can now play them on your piano using PRC remote.

You can also run the Disklavier Controller app on your iPhone and can see the midis in the FromToPC directory on the app and play them.

You should also eject the FromToPC icon from your Mac’s desktop when finished.

Additional Note: Today, I was able to upload midis using my iPhone and app called "GoodReader" to my Mark IV Disklavier.  I save midis I find using iPhone Browser to my GoodReader app using the share icon.  GoodReader has an option to connect to servers.  Then I setup my piano server in GoodReader.  I select add server using SMB type server and adding the dkv###### address and add to my GoodReader app.   I then upload the midis saved in GoodReader to my piano's hard drive FromToPC directory.   

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