Friday, July 19, 2019

How to convert m4b files to mp3 files

How to convert m4b files to mp3 files

I downloaded an audio book today to my Mac laptop.  The file format for the audi0 book was m4b.  I had planned to use airdrop to send to my iPhone to play with my MP3 books app on my iPhone.  When I attempted the airdrop the only options I was allowed was to GoodReader.  That was fine, but really wanted to keep a copy in MP3 Books library with my other road trip audio books.

As I suspected that MP3 Books app would only play mp3 file format, I needed to convert the m4b files to mp3 file format. 

The m4b files were easy enough to drag into iTunes.  But, then I couldn't find them in my song list.  I didn't realize that iTunes has been reorganized in the latest update.  So I searched for the title of book and found them in the audio book section of iTunes.

I selected each chapter or part individually, highlighting the name of the part or chapter. 

Then, I selected File>Convert>Create mp3 version

After each of the parts or chapters where converted to mp3 format, I then selected each part and dragged from iTunes to my desktop on the laptop.  This gave me all the mp3s that I then put into one folder.  I named the folder with the name of the book and author.

Once in the folder, I could connect my iPhone to my laptop with cable. I then used the method for sharing files via File Sharing to my MP3 Books app from iTunes.  If you need a refresher on how to share files with certain apps on your iPhone from iTunes, check Apple's support info at

 Now, I have a new audio book for my road trip ready on my iPhone. 

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