Saturday, October 10, 2009

Moving Firefox Bookmarks to Safari for use on iPhone

I use Firefox and Safari browsers on my desktop Mac.  Since the iPhone uses Safari as a browser, it is handy to have bookmarks from each browser in the other browser's bookmark list.

It works primarily the same way moving from Safari to Firefox, and vice-versa.  Basically you use the 'Export' mode to create a html list of bookmarks that are saved to your desktop. Then you use the 'Import' option to import that list to the desired browser.

For Firefox, you will find the option by selecting 'Organize Bookmarks' from the 'Bookmarks' menu. A list of bookmarks will appear in a browser window.

Select 'All Bookmarks' and under the 'Pop-down' star icon menu, select 'Export HTML' option.  Select where to save the file and give the file a recognizable filename.

You can click on this html source code and it will appear in a browser window, with a list of the clickable links that were saved in the html format.

Next open the other browser, in this case, Safari. Select 'Import Bookmarks' under the 'File' menu and select the file that was saved in html format from the Firefox browser.
The bookmarks will be imported at the bottom of the current bookmark lists, rename by clicking on the name and giving it a name that reflects that it is imported from Firefox.   As you add more bookmarks to Firefox, you will have to export and import to Safari, removing or deleting previous bookmarks that were imported previously to keep an updated list.  It would be nice if these would auto sync from browser to browser, but currently this is the best way to transfer bookmarks.

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