Saturday, October 10, 2009

Using Picasa to Import iPhone Photos

Picasa, the application available for free from Google, has a wide variety of uses and is becoming one of my favorite and simple to use apps for photos. 

I discovered that if you run Picasa and connect your iPhone to your Mac, you can access and download the photos from your iPhone to you Mac.  Select the device, in this case, the iPhone from the pop-down menu.

Once selected, the photos stored on the iPhone will appear in the window on the right hand side.  If you select a photo on the left, you will see the preview of the photo and the information such as name, size, date below the preview.   You can use the ‘curved arrows’ to rotate the photo for best or correct orientation for import.

You can select all the photos to import or select only those you wish to import.  You can exclude ‘Duplicates’.  You can select ‘Cancel’ to abort the importing of photos.

If you choose to import some or All the photos, you will be given the options of selecting the folder where the imports will be placed, creation of a subfolder, ability to enter info on the photo location, date, description.   You will be able to leave the photos on the camera, iphone or device, or delete all photos or selected photos.

Once you have imported the selected photos, it seems that Picasa will mark the photos and the preview with a small red x in a circle on those photos that have been imported previously.

This application not only gives me an alternate means to download the photos from my iPhone, but also from my digital cameras and scanner.  

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