Monday, November 16, 2009

Accessing MobileMe from iPhone

I was surfing the internet today and noticed a tweet referring to accessing MobileMe account via iPhone.  Normally if one tries to do so, via Safari browser, this doesn't work.

Someone suggested using a link from a twitter app on your iPhone.  So I tried it on two twitter applications:  Tweetdeck and Tweetero and it worked with both apps.

First log onto your twitter account using an iPhone app and send yourself a tweet with the link to URL.  (

Click on the link in the twitter app.

If your twitter app has a built in web browser, it should attempt to connect with the mobileme URL.  Normally a warning page would appear, stating it best to use Safari or Firefox browser.  Ignore this warning and click on 'Continue' button.

The MobileMe Login window should then appear and you should enter your username and password for your MobileMe account and click on 'Login' button.

Next you will be logged into your MobileMe account and able to access mail, calendar, etc.

You may find this a bit slower than using the apps already built into the iPhone, but the real key here is being able to use the 'FindMe' service via your friend's iPhone when you lose it out and about.  You will be able to log into your MobileMe account to use the 'FindMe' service without having to be on a computer.

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