Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cinch App for iPhone

Yesterday announced they were closing their voice blogging site.  They had a great site, with some of the first innovative mobile phone blogging and commenting widgets for social networks.  Many of the users are looking for new sites and ways to continue the friendships and fun they had on Snapvine.

Some have suggested  I am checking it out this morning as it seems to offer an iPhone app that should allow me to post recordings direct from the free iPhone app called 'Cinch'.  I haven't had any luck logging into Cinch via the iPhone app yet, but I am just learning the ins and outs of Cinch site.

The site has an embed code ability, so I am testing that now to this blog.  Hopefully, when I embed the code to my test recording you will hear my voice below:  (Here goes!)


It worked!

Cinch also offers a widget similar to the widgets that Snapvine provided for posting comments and blogs.

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