Friday, March 19, 2010

iPlaylist Pro Review - Must Have App for iPhone

Today I was able to download an exciting new app for the iPhone that allows the user to organize or create a playlist for their iPod Touch or iPhone on the go.

It is pretty straight forward interface with very user friendly screens. To create a playlist one merely clicks the + button on the main app page. A screen appears allowing the user to enter the name for the playlist.

Once the title is entered for the playlist and saved, the option is given to Import Songs.
The songs in your device (iPhone or iPod Touch) are then displayed on the screen.  You click the + button next to the songs you wish to add to the playlist and then click Done.  You have created a playlist on the go of songs within your iPhone or iPod Touch.  
The songs are displayed in a list, where ALL songs can be cleared at once, or single songs can be deleted by swiping or more songs can be added by clicking on Import Songs.   The playlist can be accessed from this list and played in song order or in shuffle mode.

Never know when this may come in handy ...  I would definitely give this a 5 star rating as it is not only a useful app, but one that is not available in the normal iPod app that comes with the iPhone.  *****

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Anonymous said...

Good Day "GJ" ... Thank You for sharing, I find this blog very informative, and educational ... I will be checking in from time to time, to get "E D U C A T E D" ... Benz !