Monday, March 29, 2010

Rotating an iPhone Video using Quicktime 7

A lot of times a user might take a video with their iPhone using the portrait mode and would like to post it to youtube or another website.   I posted a video on youtube where I rotated a video and had some interest in how I was able to accomplish that rotation.

I used Quicktime 7 to rotate the original movie. Selecting 'Show Movie Properties' under the 'Window' menu. Then I selected the 'video track' of the movie and then selected 'Visual Settings' tab to rotate using the option button next to 'Flip/Rotate'. This version of Quicktime 7 for Mac, still runs on Snow Leopard and you have to have also purchased the extra 'mpeg2 module' from Apple to run with this old version of Quicktime to access many of the movie features.

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