Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shortcut for Playing Happy Birthday on My Disklavier

The new Yamaha Disklavier System Software version 4.0 for the Mark IV, has a new feature called 'ShortCut'.  Being the techie lady that I am, and not able to find any documentation online on the Yamaha site for this new updated piano system software, I decided to use the exploration method of learning that my kids had experienced in school.  When I was in school, we had the 1, 2, 3 ... lists on how to do most tasks.  Exploration does add a bit of fun and probably spurs my curiosity more.

The 'Shortcut' option can be programmed using  your Virtual PRC (installed on your computer  using wifi connection) or on the hand-held PRC remote that came with your piano. To find this new feature, click on the main screen of your PRC (or virtual PRC) until you see the following screen, displaying the 'Setup' button.

Click on the 'Setup' button, and using the prev and next buttons, page through until you see the new 'Shortcut' button.
The Shortcut scrollable list will be displayed with 10 lines to add shortcuts.  If using the PRC (or Virtual PRC) you can tap the area next to the number 1 list item or use the center button to depress (enter) to make the selection to enter your first shortcut.
The 'Shortcut #1' screen will be displayed, and you can click on the area next each of the options displayed: Command.   The area appears to be empty, but you can select sub options by using the arrow keys on your keyboard or the small direction buttons around the center control button on the PRC (or Virtual PRC).   As you cycle through you will see various options such as Power, Play, Repeat, Random, Radio, Balance, Quiet.   Selecting some of these options will subsequently display other sub options that can be selected and cycled through such as Medium, Album, Song (for Play or Repeat Option),  Medium, Album (for Random Option), Channel (for Radio Option), Resource, Direction (for Balance).
I cycled through all the options and sub options using the arrow keys and enter key to select my 'User Library', 'Special Occasion Album' and  'Happy Birthday' song.

The PRC automatically fills in an appropriate Name for the Shortcut, but an editing box also appears allowing the user to edit the Shortcut Name.  Clicking OK places the name for the Shortcut Name. 

You can add in ten Shortcuts and then these Shortcuts, can be accessed from the iPhone app (i.e, Disklavier Controller app available free from iTunes App Store), under the 'More', 'Shortcut' buttons on your iPhone. 

So now if I have a friend that is over for their birthday, I can whip out my iPhone and go to the Shortcut screen in the Disklavier Controller App and click on my shortcut and the piano should play 'Happy Birthday'. 

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