Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yamaha Disklavier Radio

One of the best features that Yamaha implemented for the Disklavier Mark IV pianos was the Yamaha Disklavier Radio.  The yearly subscription rate for this service is well worth it.  It is my understanding that sometime in May, the Disklavier Mark III's when equipped with a new box, will also be able to access this great feature.

I am controlling that feature from my iPhone app 'Disklavier Controller' that I reviewed yesterday.  I am able to listen to holiday music today that is under the radio channel of 'St. Patrick's Celebration'.

The Radio is accessed from the Selection option and is listed under the Other Source Category.

Once you select the Disklavier Radio as a source, then you tap on the channel.
Tapping on the screen, the Disklavier Radio screen, displays the control panel for various operations.  The channel name and song title are displayed as well as a mute button.  The main volume can be adjusted using the slider.  The Back button allows the user to return to the Disklavier Radio Selection screen to select another radio channel.   The piano icon to the left of the volume slider bar allows the user to cycle between Acoustic/Quiet/Headphone modes.

So far this option on the new app is working great.    For those who have a Disklavier Mark IV that haven't tried the Radio Feature, I suggest doing so by accessing the Complimentary Channel Sampler and Complementary Music Channels.  I think you will love this feature and if you have an iPhone, the app to control it will be added fun!


Steve said...

How did you hook up your radio system?

Granny Joan said...

Here is a site that details how to connect to Yamaha internet radio station. It is available to Mark IV Disklavier users by subscription. They do have complimentary channels to try it out. Register your username/password online at Yamaha site. I connected via wifi with my mac internet using airport express. Then I accessed the Yamaha radio station initially via the pda remote that came with the piano: entering the username/password. I tried the complimentary stations, was sold on the service and then subscribed. Here is a site that may help you:

If you have further questions, let me know.

Granny Joan

Anonymous said...

Hi Granny:
1.Have you ever come across anyone who has 'converted' D-radio to 'control' a Roland digital piano?
2. How come you don't list piano playing in your interests?
3. There's an app called ReelDirector that will turn your iPad into a video production 'pallete'. (it can use the HD videos from your iphone4 (which, I assume you have!)