Friday, August 13, 2010

Flipboard - a Magazine Featuring Me!

I blogged on the topic of  Multiple Account Access in Flipboard a week or so ago.  I was having trouble searching my Twitter account in order to add that account strictly as an additional one of the nine sections offered on the Flipboard layout.   I kept getting an empty search result.

Today, I clicked on an empty section in the Flipboard layout to add my account.  Instead of searching for Granny Joan or Granny_Joan, I typed in @granny_joan into the Search Field and it found me.  So I added myself to the section and was able to obtain my own magazine featuring me alone.

 Here is what the first page of the magazine looked like when it loaded.  Now I am able to view both of my Twitter Accounts inside Flipboard layout.

If you want to checkout your own magazine or add someone particular in a section of Flipboard, give it a try.

Just type in @yourtwittername into the Search Field of Flipboard Section.

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