Sunday, October 03, 2010

Getting Rid of Pesky Recipients Who Don't Belong From Your for Mac

When we type a few characters in the To: field of the Mail application on a Mac, the auto fill-in feature of the Mail program selects an address list for possible recipients.  Sometimes, when we make a typo and hit return we then have a bogus recipient on that list that inevitably gets called up as a possible email address.

There are several ways to get rid on this incorrect recipient on the auto fill list.   The easiest way is to select the Window Menu bar and Previous Recipient from the menu options.

This will bring up a long list of the possible recipient auto fill choices.  You can select the ones you want to remove and delete them.

Another way to get rid of the unwanted suggestions for recipients, involves typing in the unwanted recipient into the To: field of your email, then hit return key and then reselect the wrong address again and click on the small arrow to the right of the wrong or incorrect recipient address.  A pop up window will display all the choices that are near to that wrong recipient's address.  A check mark should appear next to the one you wish to remove.  Click on 'Remove address'.  This will also get rid  of faulty addresses directly in the To: field of the mail message template.

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