Sunday, December 09, 2012

How to Save Password for Safari iPad when All Else Fails

For a week now, I have been trying to figure out how to save my password/user ID login for a network site I am using.  I was able to do so on my iPhone without a problem, but my iPad is not saving or asking to save my passwords for my login to my network website.

It appears that the option to remember Passwords and User IDs for some sites does not work consistently on my mobile devices.  I have tried just about everything I can think of to get this option to work.  Here is one of the methods I have tried, which might work for you:

 Under Settings>Safari>Autofill> Names and Passwords set to ON.  Clear All option below the Names and Passwords option, to reset the request for saving password/userid for the site and all others.  If you use the Clear All option, you will have to reenter your passwords and User IDs for all your log in sites. 

I finally got my auto-log in to work with my network login.  Basically, I used the Manual option. From the Setting>WiF>name of network from Choose Network select the right pointing arrow.  Select Manual. Click on Authentication. Enter your username and password.

I tested this by leaving the network area and when I came back within range, it auto-connected to the network without having to enter any userid or password.  To double check this solution, I also powered my iPad totally down and upon powering back on - it also connected automatically to the network.

So, no more having to log in to this site, remembering the weird password and username.

Edit:  This did not work after turning wifi off and back on again.  I lost my auto connection capability and had to reenter my password and username each time from my iPad.  I am beginning to think this is an iPad issue, as I have tried multiple solutions to no avail.

Anyone have a solution for this auto log in problem that is persisting on a private network, similar to a log in at a school or place other than on my own network at residence?


Anonymous said...

Can I suggest an alternative way of doing that?
There's an iPad app called TapIN, which lets you auto login to any website with a single tap. It will remember exactly how to log in and does that even quicker than any other browser as it skips unnecessary steps and loads only what's needed. It has an internal browser to use after logging in.
Here's a direct link to the free version (limited to two websites):

Anonymous said...

Thanks John, this is a great tip. TapIN is just what i needed.