Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Making My Applications Handy

How to: Accessing All My Applications from My Dock

I decided today to put my Applications Folder in my dock. I located it to the right of the dashed divider in the dock where applications reside on the left and folders on the right.

When I click on the newly added ‘Applications Folder’ residing in my dock (which is actually an alias of the actual folder that still resides on my hard drive), it reveals all my applications and folders in one easy to find and click ‘Stacks’ window.

If I wish to click on a folder in this window, say my ‘Utilities’ folder, it will open a ‘Stacks’ type window revealing all the Utilities applications and sub-folders, where I can readily click on one. Note, also the arrow in the upper left-hand corner of this sub-stack window. This arrow will take you back to the applications stack window. The ‘Open in Finder’ arrow still exists in this stack window that also allows me to access files physically from their location in the finder. Clicking anywhere on the desktop closes the stack window.

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