Monday, September 28, 2009

Preview is Not Satisfactory

I took time tonite to combine twelve monthly financial statements of 16 pages per each month. Both Methods were used: creating a combined pdf using drag and drop technique in sidebar and the print selected save as pdf method. One pdf file was created with 192 pages with both methods. The problem that we experienced with 'Preview' is that the 'Search' routine would not work across all 192 pages. The search results, returned were not inclusive of all 192 pages, but only found results in the first 16 pages of the first section of the document (January statement).

Since my husband was wanting the files, combined into one pdf file for the purpose of using a search in all the pages, this was NOT a solution for us, as Preview Search is not working correctly with the file created in Preview by either method.

So we used Adobe Acrobat Standard v6.0 to combine the pdf files into one file. Search performed using Adobe Acrobat Standard worked over all 192 pages. The document created with Adobe Acrobat Standard also was searchable over all 192 pages when opened in Preview.

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