Thursday, September 23, 2010

Syncing Apple Contacts with Gmail

Now that I have started using Google Voice and Google Talk, it is a lot simpler to make a call by selecting phone numbers from a contact list rather than actually typing in the numbers on the Google Chat or Talk dialpad.   So how do I efficiently move my contacts from my Address Book on my Mac to my Contacts list in Gmail?

(1)  First open Address Book on Mac and select the option to Export (Archive or backup the contacts) to your hard drive, should something mess up.   Select Export and then Address Book Archive and enter the appropriate name for the file you are saving and the destination folder or drive to store this archive.

(2)  Select Preferences under the Address Book menu and click on the Account Information tab and make sure you check the Synchronize with Google checkbox.  This will allow the addresses and contacts from your Mac Address Book to be synced with your Gmail contact list.

You will need to enter your gmail email address and password to allow the sync to your gmail account.

(3)  Select your Systems Preferences under the Apple menubar and select MobileMe.  Select the Sync Tab and make sure that your sync preferences are selected properly and click on the Sync Now to perform this sync right away.

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