Monday, September 27, 2010

Syncing Updated Apps to iPhone or iPad Problem?

There seems to still be some problems with app syncing as far as I can tell.  The following scenario is what I have noticed on my both my iPad and iPhone when syncing apps using iTunes:

(1)  I delete some of the apps from the APPS list in iTunes using the 'delete key' on my keyboard and I select option to 'leave the files' instead of 'remove to trash'.

(2)  The apps that I deleted do not show up as an option in my 'apps tab' when connecting a device.  I sync and those apps are removed from the device, which is what I wanted.

(3) However, when I check for updates and update all via the option at the bottom of the iTunes Apps Window in iTunes, these 'deleted' apps (which I assume must still be on my purchase list with Apple) get added back into the Apps list as 'new apps' and I assume are then recognized as 'new apps'.

(4)  Since I have 'Sync new apps' option checked, they get put back onto my devices with the subsequent sync.  This is evident on my iPhone as they appear as icons that are not in any folder.  On my iPad since all the pages are full, they appear when I use a spotlight search and are clickable from the search list and can be run.

Has anyone else noticed this problem for syncing apps in iTunes?

I suppose that Apple is trying to give us a second chance to reinstate apps that we update and have bought, but I find it a little confusing.

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