Thursday, September 02, 2010

Using GoodReader to Access Google Docs

I've been trying to eliminate some of the docs from my iPad, leaving those that are easy to use, that utilize the iPad layout, and also that do not duplicate other apps that have more powerful and numerous features.

One app that is becoming increasingly nice to use is GoodReader.  I have not explored all the capabilities but am impressed with those options that I do use.  I decided today that I was tired for trying to access my Google Docs via some old iPhone apps, so I explored a method to accomplish this by using GoodReader.

Here are the simple instructions for accessing Google Docs using GoodReader:

First tap on 'Connect to Server' tab, then tap on on 'Add'.

A list of  numerous online servers including Google Docs and iDisk are available from this pop-up list.  Tap on  'Google Docs'.

A window with a form asking for a title for this server that you are adding, the username and password for your Google Docs account, will appear on the screen.  The title is optional, I just filled in something simple like My GDocs, added my username and password for my Google Docs account.  The server was then added to the list.  While I was at it, I also added my Mobile Me iDisk account as well.

When you wish to access anything that you have on Google Docs for viewing conveniently with GoodReader, especially when you are traveling on an airplane or foreign country and need an important document you have stored in the Google Cloud and are without internet access.  I usually download the docs, itineraries, maps, and medical info prior to leaving home via wifi and then have easy access to them in those situations.

As you can see here, I have tapped on the iDisk server, which brings up my iDisk folders and also the contents of one of the music folders I have stored on my MobileMe iDisk.  I can select the file I wish to download and it is stored on my iPad for use at another time.

So that is basics of accessing Google Docs via GoodReader.

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to thank you for the instructions about how to access Google Docs through GoodReader. I'm headed to Germany on vacation for a couple of weeks and had several large PDF's that I needed to review during the trip. Thanks to you, I was able to quickly link GoodReader to my Google Docs account and the PDF's are now on my iPad, ready for me to review during the flight.
'Preciate it,